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Jazz로 듣는 Easter 음악!!

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잘 지내고 계시죠?

내일은 Easter Sunday 죠. 

그래서 오늘 저녁에는 Easter에 교회에서 부르고 듣는 음악들, 

Jazz로 들어보겠습니다.


Were You There?

1. Charlie Haden & Hank Jones

2. Vincent Nilsson

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

3. Wycliffe Gordon

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

4. Louis Armstrong

Thine Be The Glory

5. Ben Kessel

The Old Rugged Cross

6. Ella Fitzgerald


Easter Parade

7. Sarah Vaughan


Amazing Grace

8. Marcus Printup


I Love To Tell The Story

9. Chris McDonald Big Band


Nearer My God To Thee

10. Canadian Brass


Christ The Lord Has Risen Today

11. Jim Hendrix


Hallelujah Chorus

12. Adam Podd Band

Enjoy the weather!

Jeeminn Lee

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