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[021321] Who Invented the Teriyaki Sauce? // Why Gift Giving Matters I…

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<Part 1: FOODIEVENTURE> The History & Origin of Teriyaki Sauce

​There are so many variations of teriyaki dishes here in the U.S.—chicken teriyaki, shrimp teriyaki, beef teriyaki, etc. Teriyaki menus can be seen in almost any Japanese restaurants you visit. However, did you know that in Japan, it is rare to find teriyaki dishes? In fact, there are no such things as chicken, shrimp or beef teriyaki. For native Japanese, teriyaki refers only to the method by which fish is grilled. Also, the teriyaki sauce used by the Japanese for their fish dish tastes slightly different from the ones that we, Americans, are used to calling teriyaki sauce. If teriyaki sauce was not invented in Japan, then where did it originate from? Find out in today's episode of Foodieventure.

<Part 2: Love or Lose> The Importance of Gifting In a Relationship

​Why is gifting so important in a relationship? Well, for one thing, gifts are probably one of the most symbolic ways of expressing one's love for his or her significant other. The value of the gift does not usually matter for the recipient whose love language is gifting. What matters it the fact that the giver has thought of them and made some kind of sacrifice—either money or time—in order to get them something. In essence, gifts matter because gifts reveal the giver's heart and the willingness to make sacrifices for the recipient. Even if it's not an expensive gift, the gift will matter a lot to the recipient simply because of the fact that the giver has thought of them. That's why surprise gifts are usually more touching than gifts with reason.

Gifts are visual symbols of love (a hug lasts for a moment but a gift can last for a lifetime) and for those whose main love language is gifting, these visual symbols of love can have more impact on their relationship and their feelings for their significant other compared to those whose main love language is not gifting.

For those who usually like to save rather than spend money, gift giving might not be so easy. When you don't spend money for yourself, it's often difficult to spend it on others also. However, when you begin to prioritize relationships and people more than the status of your bank account, you'll find yourself being less greedy because when you fall in love, it's an instinct wanting to give all that you have for the other person. Of course, this does not mean that when you're in love, you should spend your money recklessly on the person you love. In fact, if your significant other truly loves you, he/she won't allow you to do that. Being wise financially means you save and spend money so that you keep both your savings and people.

In today's episode of Love or Lose, Grace discusses the importance of gift giving in a relationship and why it matters more to some than it does to others.

**Send a story/recipe/suggestion or just a hi message to Grace anytime at eatloveandrepeat@am1660.com! You can also write to her in the comments section if you have any stories related to food or love :) **

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bethyjinn1 2021-02-18
I sent a story to eatloveandrepeat@am1660.com! So happy there's an English show on this radio station now :) Will be tuning in from time to time. 11p.m. is too late for me sometimes.
graceysong 2021-02-18
Thank you Bethany for being one of the few listeners who tune in! Haha. I just read your story :) Thanks for the supporting words!
sosoyoung11 2021-02-18
그레이스님! 댓글 한번 남겨보아요. 프로그램 너무 좋은데 너무 늦은 시간에 하는거 같아서 안타깝네요 ㅠㅠ 그래도 다시듣기로 청취해 봅니다. 영어도 배우고 좋은거 같아요 ㅎㅎ 그럼 화이팅~
graceysong 2021-02-18
아 그런가요? 생방으로 들으시면 더 좋지만 그래도 다시듣기라도 들어주셔서 감사해요 ♥ 좋은 하루 보내세요!!
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